✉ My booking email:

+381 61 2530378



We work from around 3-11 pm or midnight at the latest, so please contact us from 2-10 pm to make an appointment. 

Please contact us by a PHONE CALL or VIBER or WHATSAPP CALL or message, avoiding long chats,  a day, or at least a an hour or two in advance to book a massage session or more with anyone of us appearing on this website.

If you want to call in several girls it is important to book 2-3 hours in advance. 

Send us an sms message just in case you want to confirm your address or if our number is busy or unavailable at the moment. Sometimes clients have to wait for a while, but we´ll call you back as soon as possible.

Contact us by filling the following form well in advance, a few days or more beforehand, ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO CALL. If we don't answer your message here it does not mean we are not available, so please call us instead or send a Whatsapp or Viber message. Confirm your final booking by a phone call a day in advance. Thus you will make sure your session is duly scheduled. We will appreciate your uderstanding and respect for our time.